5 Things: My Pregnancy Must-Haves

All pregnancies are different, from aches to pains to cravings to how much of an emotional roller coaster ride it will be. Maybe it will be, or already was, the happiest time of your life. Some women really enjoy every aspect of it. Maybe you’re emotional, anxious and cry while stroller shopping (Guilty!). As I reflect back to last year at this time and how I was feeling in my third trimester, I want to share what helped me through my pregnancy.

 Here’s 5 of my pregnancy must-haves…


1. Preggo leggings – Target 3 pair

Once I reached my second trimester, I had bumped out of ALL of my pants. At which point I put on these maternity leggings which would become my pregnancy uniform. They’re thick enough for winter, but not too hot. Belly band comes up super high, which I loved for comfort, and black leggings go with everything! Booties, sneakers, sandals… so versatile.

*BONUS: By yourself a fuzz buster. Since these 3 pair were rotated for 6-9 months (because you’re gonna wear them for a little while postpartum too, I promise), they started to get pills and fuzz balls at the seams which looks and feels old/dirty. Grabbed the fuzz buster a few times to clean up the seams and wha-la, almost like new again!

2. Peppermint oil – iHerb

Speaking of second trimester…. that’s when my migraines began. Sometimes debilitating. Some lasted over a week. Some had me losing my mind trying to deal with the pain drug free. The OB was willing to give me drugs, but I wasn’t comfortable taking them during pregnancy. My sister and a good friend both recommended peppermint oil for natural pain management. Boy was that a lifesaver!!!

*To use: Mix 3-4 drops with a pea-sized amount coconut oil in your palm. Apply to temples, forehead and back of neck. ***DO NOT PUT PEPPERMINT OIL DIRECTLY ON SKIN. IT WILL BURN.

3. Coconut oil – Nutiva via Amazon

Speaking of coconut oil…. obviously was used as a carrier oil for my migraine mixture. But I also put it on my belly, hips and booty everyday. Every. Single. Day. Gotta keep that skin oiled up while it’s stretching! Also helps with the itching, since your belly will itch as the skin stretches out. Luckily, I do not have any stretch marks from my pregnancy. Can’t say it’s because of the coconut oil, but can’t say that it isn’t!

4. Water bottle – Corksicle

It might be impossible to be over-hydrated during pregnancy… don’t quote me, not a doctor. But I do know that I’ve never drank so much water in my life, and that I was very easily dehydrated in the warmer months. Therefore  my water bottle had to come everywhere with me. I loved this Corksicle because it’s large, but fits in the car cup holder and keeps the water cold. It’s metal, so the 17 times I dropped it only resulted in minor scratches. Plus it’s super cute and therefore you’re more likely to want to use it and carry it around. Mine has made many an appearance on my Instagram. (Above using 3/5 of my must-haves!)

5. Crop tops – Amazon

Now I know this seems strange, but hear me out…. Having a mostly winter pregnancy, especially the last few bigger months, you have to layer up. I kept wearing all my old undershirts/tanks and sadly watching the bottoms stretch out. So I ordered some crop top tanks in black, white and beige. They were perfect! The crop came to just over my bump to meet where the maternity leggings came up to. A nice layer underneath to add a big sweater or shirt over. And I actually still wear these to this day as undershirts with my high-rise jeans, literally wearing the white one right now!

Photography by Wild Mulberry Photography. See our full maternity sessions here Glam and Cozy.

Author: Lauren

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