5 Things: Easy Eco-friendly Items

Earth Day was just a couple weeks ago. But Earth Day is actually EVERY day! To seriously reduce our carbon footprint we have to practice little daily lifestyle habits that make a big difference over time. Here at the Henesy House I’ve been working a lot lately on reducing our plastic usage, our waste production and using our consumer power to buy eco-friendly items and support products that promote cleaning living and caring for the earth. Maybe these are things you already use, or maybe it’s all new to you! I know I still have a lot of work to do to eliminate our plastic usage. But here are my first 5 things, easy eco-friendly items that help me feel a little bit more a part of the pollution solution!

1. Reusable baggies

SO much yes to this!!! Especially when I think about kids and their school lunches!!! SO much plastic being used one time and thrown away to sit in a landfill for hundreds of years. I’m very guilty myself. It’s just how things have always been done…. until now! I found these reusable baggies made of FDA grade PEVA, which is PVC and BPA free. I love them! The colors are cute and every time I use one for half of a lemon or snacks for Lily, etc., I feel good about using just one less plastic baggie each time!
*Put them in dishwasher opposite of the way the open to ensure they dry completely.

2. Bamboo Toothbrushes

Yes, why do toothbrushes need to be plastic?? Why can’t it be something BPA free and eco-friendly?? Well it’s 2019 now and it can! I know what an amazingly sustainable material bamboo is and I’ve been seeing these toothbrushes in my Pinterest searched and Instagram ads, so I finally bought and tried them. The only minor difference I have noticed is that the handle takes a few days of adjusting to since the plastic handles are so curvy and this is straight. NBD.

3. Swedish Dishcloths

Say goodbye to paper towels! These Swedish dishcloths are reusable, compostable, machine washable and can replace most paper towel usage. They are 70% cellulose and 30% cotton. I bought my first 3 at local shop MOD GEN here in Milwaukee. I’ve been using them for the past year now and they have held up tremendously. Just got my 4th, (above) to add to the rotation. I use the designs on the cloths to differentiate which are used for what part of the house and there are so many super cute designs to choose from! Can be ordered on Amazon.

4. Plant based garbage bags

One of the biggest powers we have as individuals in this society is consumer power. So even buying less things made from plastic helps put a greater demand on eco-friendly products! I ordered these garbage bags made from sugar cane and are a USDA Certified Biobased Product. So far, so good with the new bags and I feel good about using a little more consumer power towards plant based products.

5. Shopping Bags

Obviously, right?! Well we’re wrong. We’re all guilty of STILL not bringing bags with us!!!!!! I have like 12 bags in my car at all times. But every time I’m at the checkout and realize I forgot them again or only have the one in my purse that rolls up into tiny bag, I’m disappointed in myself for not remembering and prioritizing. This is especially true, when we shop stores like Target or at the mall. I used to think it was cool to carry around all the bags from all the stores I had been too… but yesterday I went to the mall with a reusable denim bag and put all my purchases in it. And THAT felt pretty cool!

There are my 5 basic and easy eco-friendly items to cut plastic consumption and help reduce waste production. You can find them all in my Amazon Shop. (Except the shopping bags. You already have at least one and can find them anywhere.) I plan to do more research and continue to learn how to live more and more clean and green here in the Henesy House! Any and all suggestions welcome. 🙂

Author: Lauren

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