3 Stop Shop for Thanksgiving Table Top

Thanksgiving Table Top

Each year Greg and I host our Annual Friendsgiving dinner party. The gathering has become even more special since we moved to Milwaukee. So nice to have all of our friends together, and NOT be at one of our weddings! We felt most of our encounters were so fleeting this summer, in between weddings and related events. Therefore, I wanted to make this Friendsgiving, as Mrs. Henesy, a little extra special. Thanks to my wedding registry I can finally host a dinner party with matching dishware and flatware!!! Life goal achieved!!!  Hosting dinner parties with coordinated colors, candlesticks and centerpieces makes me happy…. makes me love living in my own life!

Besides my registry goodies, almost everything used came from 3 stores. Table top scheme of Gold, Grey, Glass and Green. Here is my breakdown of what, where and how to put it all together….

~ Start from the bottom with Gold plaid tablecloth from Target


~ Hunter Green Grosgrain Ribbon 2in wide ~ I used my leftover ribbon from the Williams Sonoma gift wrap. You can find this at any craft store or Michael’s. Lay out the ribbon down the center of the table and across where the seats will be. Trim ends of ribbon at same length as tablecloth. Cut at an angle to reduce fraying.

grosgrain ribbon
ribbon over tablecloth


~ Table top ready for decor! Gold plate chargers are inexpensive and a great way to dress up your existing dishware. These also came from Michael’s and were 40% off. *Later I use them under my plant pots as a pretty water dish! Grey dishware from my registry goes nice with the gold chargers and complimented my color scheme so well. Glass bowl filled with pine cones was also a wedding gift, but I could easily see and nice glass apothecary jar from Michael’s filled with pine cones being beautiful too. All candlesticks and pillar candles by World Market matched with my wedding gifts and are not Holiday specific, so can be replaced almost anywhere! My glass taper holders were previously owned, but these glass taper holders are very similar, and again glass is classic and can be used anytime. Pine cone taper candle holders from Michael’s are seasonal specific but too adorable to pass up. Not to mention, I’m slightly obsessed with pine cones.


gold chargers
dinner and salad plates – Williams Sonoma
pinecones in glass piece
glass candlesticks
pillar candles
glass taper candlesticks
pine cone taper holders
ivory taper candles


~ Now place on the table starting in the center, and work your way out.

plates, candles and pine cones in place

~ 3 of these “sandy” faux flower bunches from Michael’s. Cut all sprigs off individually.

faux flora
cut with snips
individual sprigs

~ Arrange in between the candlesticks, cris-crossing the ends/stems over one another. Make sure flowers are peeking out from under and behind glass.

flora between candlesticks
flora between glass
looking pretty already

~ Even add a few sprigs of flora into the pine cones!

pine cones and faux flora
pine cones and faux flora

~ Now adding some glitter leaves from World Market. I only used the green and gold, red leaves were too much for my scheme. But if you love them, put them in! Placed the leaves somewhat peeking out from under the flora’s greenery as to keep it clustered and comprehensive.

glitter leaves
glitter leaves
glitter leaves

~ And some fresh eucalyptus, of course! I love eucaplytus and how fresh and fragrant it smells! Buy at the grocery store when you’re getting your food and beverages. Again, place the eucalyptus in between the candlesticks, overlapping the ends in the enter. This will keep it in place, give some height and more interest to your floral arrangement.

fresh eucalytpus
overlapping around glass base


~ Ivory colored buffet napkins by World Market match the ivory background of the tablecloth. Was tempted to go with a fall colored napkin for fun, but for practicality, the ivory is not seasonal specific and can be used again at any time! Wanted more ribbon on the table so I grabbed a roll of 3/8″ satin in hunter green from Michael’s and tied up my flatware for a cute detail.

neutral cloth napkins
3/8″ hunter green satin ribbon

~ Add glassware, standard wine glasses always look fancy.  Lastly, I didn’t find place cards I liked, nor is my calligraphy up to date. But I DID think to re-use pumpkins and gourds I had bought last month. They were just sitting around the house, so I topped of the table settings with pretty little pumpkins! Thanksgiving table top ready for guests to admire and great food to be enjoyed!

thanksgiving table top
thanksgiving table top
thanksgiving table top
thanksgiving table top
thanksgiving table top
thanksgiving table top
thanksgiving table top
thanksgiving table top
thanksgiving table top
thanksgiving table top
thanksgiving table top
thanksgiving table top
thanksgiving table top


*Set up your table the day BEFORE the dinner party! This was your guests can admire the setting and your hard work before they sit down to eat. You’ll have too many things going on with cooking, cleaning and accommodating your guests once they arrive to worry about the table top.

~Review of our 3-stop shops:

shopping list

Making your table top totally terrific will make you to love living in your life for your Holiday Hosting! I am very thankful to share these table top decor tips with you this month. I hope everyone keeps an attitude of gratitude and has a wonderful Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving season!



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